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Vent Cleaning Services

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Our Vent Cleaning Services Packages

Level 1 Inspection

This service includes a cleaning of the venting system and firebox and an inspection of readily accessible components inside the firebox as well as a inspection of the exterior of the chimney and should be done once per year for annual maintenance

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Our Service Packages

Level 2 Inspection

Same as a level 1 inspection but includes a camera inspection of the venting to ensure there is no internal damage to the venting system. Level 2 inspections are required when there has been damage to the building/home, if a chimney fire occurred, real estate transactions, and when switching from wood to gas or gas to wood

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Our Service Packages

Service Call

For those that have gas fireplaces and gas inserts, this is the service for you. This service includes a full cleaning of the all components of the gas fireplace. Critical parts of the fireplace will be tested to ensure they are functioning properly. An exterior inspection of the chase or chimney will be included

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Our Service Packages

Dryer Vent Cleaning:

This comprehensive service includes an inspection of the accessible exhaust system and cleaning of the venting from the dryer transition to termination.

This service ensures your dryer vent is free of obstructions and functioning efficiently, which can significantly increase your dryer's life span and efficiency.

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